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Why choose Mockfly? An alternative to Mockoon?

Why choose Mockfly? An alternative to Mockoon

Explore the advantages of Mockfly as an alternative to Mockoon

Mockoon is a desktop application that allows users to mock APIs. It offers features such as generating random data, providing multiple responses, and more. However, when running locally, it doesn't support collaborative work since it requires saving data on your personal computer.

Could you upload the data to Git? Yes, but identifying what has changed can be cumbersome. Unlike Mockoon, Mockfly includes a tool to view the diffs of the mocks. This is why we believe Mockfly is an excellent alternative to Mockoon. It enables collaborative and online work and provides a more efficient way to view mock diffs.

Features comparison

Mock diffs
Response rules
Generate random data
Custom headers
Auto documentation
Custom URL
Integration with AI to generate data
Chrome extension to add endpoints automatically
Body history